Answering the Questions of Jesus

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In these pages, EWTN host and Franciscan Friar Fr Andrew Apostoli reflects on each of the questions asked by Jesus and gently guides you into a deeper understanding of the wisdom of who He is and what He is asking of you. Among the many questions you'll explore are . . .

    • Why were you looking for me? Learn what this answer says about the presence of Jesus in your spiritual life.

    • What do you seek? Discover why Holy Mass is the key to knowing this answer.

    • O woman, what have you to do with me? How this question tests your faith, and why the salvation of your soul may depend on how you answer it.

    • Why are you afraid? Have you no faith? Learn how prayer is the key to fully knowing this answer.

  • Who do you say the Son of Man is? Discover how this question was crucial in granting authority to Peter and the Apostles.