Celebrating Sunday for Catholic Families 2020-21

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Celebrating Sunday for Catholic Families 2020–2021 provides a simple and approachable way for families to integrate into their daily lives what they hear at Sunday Mass. Encouraging family attendance and participation at Sunday Mass, this invaluable resource provides parents with a guide for reflecting on the Gospel as a family. Prompts for conversation on the way to and from Mass inspire children to focus and engage with different aspects of the liturgy, while simple family activities reinforce the connection between the Gospel stories and daily family life.

Celebrating Sunday for Catholic Families 2020–2021 includes:

  • A brief passage from Scripture
  • A short Scripture reflection
  • Two conversation questions (one to do in the car on the way to Mass and the other on the way home)
  • A suggested activity for every Sunday and holyday of obligation of the school year plus summer