God's Creation Cross

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This solid bronze wall cross is a joyful celebration of the deep and resonant goodness that suffuses all of God’s wondrous creation, from the creatures of the sea to the plants to the life-giving sun itself. The God’s Creation wall cross is split into four scenes, each reminding us of the far reach of God’s glory.

At the center of the cross is a delightful image of a church with a steeple rising up into a rainbow, a comforting reminder of God’s covenant with us. At the top is a bright life-giving sun, a reminder of the overflowing abundance of the world God gave us. At the bottom of the cross is a fish, denoting the mysterious and plentiful life of the sea as well as Jesus’ exhortation for us to become fishers of people. Finally, to the left and right are grapes and wheat, reminding us of the plentiful harvests that we are given from the earth and of the bread and wine of the communion meal we share.

The cross measures 3.25" x 4".